The global spread of mobile devices in the past two decades is one of the most remarkable technological stories. Different phones, smartphones, SIM-cards and accessible services had a significant influence on the mass usage of mobile devices and mobile devices have become an integral part of modern life. We would like to ask our readers one question – Do smartphone users part with their mobile phoneы? Of course, everyone knows the answer – NO – the mobile phone is always with us. People sometimes can forget their wallets and jackets, but we can bet if they have a mobile phone, this device anytime and anywhere with them. Mobile phones not only accept phone calls, voice and text messages but also intended for a variety of multifunctional operations.

Taking into account the current trends in the market, MilliKart represents the most innovative mobile banking solution. Thanks to the solution, users can easily manage their card means and stay abreast of their finances, banks can expand its product portfolios offered to customers.

Mobile banking solution of MilliKart provides comprehensive financial services. In addition to the basic functions solution offers many opportunities for payments and transfers. Mobile application supports major mobile platforms on the market and covers 95% of the devices. This solution is the only service that covers all the functionality of the online banking system.

More information is available on Application for Android operation system can be downloaded from Application for iOS operation system will be available withing 10 working days.