MilliKart provides services on connection and technical support of ATMs.


MilliKart provides services on installation, technical support of POS terminals, their registration as well as sign off on tax authorities.


7 days a week 24 hours a day Millikart provides Call Center services for cardholders.


MilliKart provides services on controlling of card account through SMS notifications. Cardholders are enabled to get information on card account by sending SMS messages (requests) from mobile phones to MilliKart system. The system automatically sends informative SMS notifications to cardholder’s mobile number in case of any changes occured on card account (performing transaction through ATMs and POS-terminals, as well as in cases of any income on a card account).


MilliKart provides service that allows cardholders to change their PINs to any other ones through ATMs.

Money Transfers

MilliKart provides service on money transfers from one card account to another one through ATMs.


MilliKart provides services on implementation of “E-commerce” (processing transactions using cards of VISA and MasterCard in internet-shops) on the basis of “3D secure technologies” VISA (VbV) and MasterCard (Secure Code).


This system enables to manage payment card account online as well as to make real-time operations 24 hours a day by Internet.


Personalization of plastic cards – a technological process of writing data on the card related only to the card. Personalization – an important step in the production of plastic cards and one of the ways to protect the card from its misuse.

MilliKart has its own personalization bureau and personalize all types of cards  including EMV-standard by different means. All processes are carried out in accordance with the requirements of Visa and MasterCard international payment systems.

Practical experience in the implementation of various transmission methods and processing techniques of confidential information allows to fulfill any customer requirements on  information exchange and to use the obtained data  for personalization of cards.

This type of card combines magnetic stripe and microprocessor (chip). Each transaction is confirmed by special PIN code which is known only to the cardholder.

Card type characterized by the presence of a magnetic stripe. The magnetic strip is designed to store information. Information recording is performed by magnetizing tiny particles on the surface of the strip containing iron (magnetic material). Reading information is done by swiping the stripe through magnetic bar.

This payment cards with an innovative technology that allows to pay for purchases with just one touch! It’s fast and convenient. It is enough to touch the card to the terminal.

  • Placing information and images onto bank (chip and magnetic stripe) cards using the personalization equipment.
  • Placing information and images onto non-bank (e.g., discount, affinity, etc.) cards using the personalization equipment.
  • Making PIN-envelopes.
  • Packing the cards made by the personalization equipment.
  • Preparation and submission of data files for the application of information on the cards by bank.