“MilliKart LLC” in collaboration with “TBC Kredit” launched and successfully completed a new payment card project. The project implies to provide customers of “TBC Kredit” with payment cards as a result of trilateral cooperation of MilliKart, AzerPost and “TBC Kredit”. Therefore, customers of “TBC Kredit” have the opportunity to receive payment cards with various par values. Payment cards are accepted in the network of ATMs and POS terminals of all banks served in MilliKart:

– Unibank, Demirbank, Expressbank, Accessbank, Industrial Bank of Azerbaijan, Bank of Baku, Nakhchivanbank, AzerPost, Pasha Bank.

“TBC Kredit”s clients along with access to cash at ATMs and POS terminals of the above mentioned banks have an opportunity to perform non-cash transactions (payment for goods and services) through POS terminals. Cards are issued by AzerPost served in MilliKart.

We would like to note that “TBC Kredit” successfully operates in Azerbaijan since 1999 and has a big experience with various types of loans.

National operator of Azerbaijan “AzerPost” LLC currently has the most extensive network across the country, serving all segments of the population and legal entities in the traditional and non-traditional postal services at affordable prices and implementing the provision of postal and financial services.