“MilliKart” being always innovative and dynamic uses advantages of cutting edge technologies. To support rapid development of non-cash transactions in our country and provide convinient and qualitative services to banks it attracts new technologic solutions. One of these solutions is “Instant Issuance”. Thus, client approaches to the bank branch/point of sale for a particular card and gets an opportunity to receive it instantaneously. This service is completely new in our country and is not so far applied in the specific niche sector.

“Instant Issuance” allows instantaneous issuance of cards due to its sophisticated software and features, and makes it more simple, secure and effective. Newly issued cards are directly handed over to cardholder by bank. Cardholder is able to select PIN-code itself on-site and all procedure takes place without any delay, uncertainty and overheads for delivering cards and PIN envelopes. This kind of direct communication is valuable tool for opening up and developing new value added products for banks.