“MilliKart” LLC turned 12 on October 2, 2018.

“MilliKart” processing center was established within the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan with the financial support of the World Bank in the framework of the implementation of the "State Program for the Development of the National Payment System in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2005-2007" approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan from December 9, 2004. "MilliKart" LLC has been established by the initiative of 18 banks in order to further develop card payments and improve the competitive environment in the country and continues its service as a card processing center by now.

"MilliKart" is one of the largest processing structures in Azerbaijan that provides a wide range of financial support for not only banks, but also financial market participants such as non-bank credit organizations, investment and insurance companies, providers and aggregators, as well as to all market participants who require solutions based on processing technologies.

“MilliKart”, by being involved in the implementation of state programs aimed at the development of the financial and economic sectors of the country, as well as the payment ecosystem, continues to closely cooperate with the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Financial Markets Control Chamber. Thus, by staying faithful to its strategic course, “MilliKart” is open and ready to cooperate with all partner-participants and trade-service institutions of the financial market with the purpose of providing the demands of consumers interested in obtaining quality and innovative services.

Participants of the charter capital of MilliKart at the present are: Urbis Holding Inc., “Demirbank” OJSC, “Azerbaijan Industrial Bank” OJSC, “Bank Republic” OJSC, “Para BOKT” OJSC, “UniBank” KB, “AtaBank” OJSC, “Bank Technique” OJSC, “Amrahbank” OJSC, “Bank Standard KB” CJSC, “KredoBank” OJSC, “Azer-Turk Bank” OJSC, “Rabitabank” OJSC, “Turanbank” OJSC, “Bank of Baku” OJSC , “AccessBank” CJSC, “Xalq Bank” OJSC, “Zaminbank” OJSC.