“MilliKart” has completed certification process on technology MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa (VbV), which provides secure online payments and is now available for banks and financial institutions.

3D Secure technology introduced by “MilliKart” aims to protect against fraud and to ensure security of Internet payments. The operation principle of this modern technology is that the authentication of the client is made by the client through “3D” password that is not indicated on the card and online payments are made more secure.

To use this service the customer first needs to register his/her phone number in the bank and getting registration on the 3D Sign up page to set 3D password up. After registration, for payments in online stores user by entering a special “3D” password can successfully complete the process.

Due to the fact that the authentication is based on three (3) domain model the technology is called 3D Secure.