Our company profile

“We are ahead of the changes in a rapidly growing and evolving market. Being a dynamic, smart, intelligent, full of enthusiasm and energy company we deserve it. We have all the opportunities to create the future needs of the market – our behavior, style of communication and the way we present ourselves to the external audience. We are a business that is discussed by people and wanted to be part of”.

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MilliKart has been successfully operating in IT and Banking sectors, creating and developing core banking solutions, making progress in increasing non-cash payments in the country for over 9 years.


New business ideas, trends and innovations – these are what MilliKart focusing its attempts on. We are trying to keep up with time and offer to our customers services that make them feel trendy, confident and secure.


We are working in a very intense, fast and dynamic service sector. Our team is making great efforts to be always first in all our endeavors.

Future plans

Building progressive non-cash payment system in the country is our main aim. We are always looking forward and think on how to save our cardholders time and make them satisfied. Our success is our happy clients!

Recent Projects